Drug User In The Workplace Fact Sheets - English


Alcohol and other drug abuse in your workplace
Impact on workers’ compensation insurance costs and company profits

  • ‚  75.2% of illicit drug users are employed1.

  • ‚  19.1 million Americans are current illicit drug users.2

  • ‚  77.6% of adults classified as substance-dependent/abusers are employed.3

  • ‚  35% of employees have seen/heard of drug use on the job.4

  • ‚  11% of employees have been offered drugs to use at work.5

  • ‚  Amphetamine-positive test results have increased 85% between 2001-2005.6

  • ‚  48% of all drug-related hospital emergency room episodes involved people 35-44 years of


  • ‚  15% (19.2 million) of employees report drinking/impairment at work, drinking just before

    work, or being hung over at work during a twelve-month period.8

  • ‚  Random testing will identify daily and monthly drug users 93% of the time.9

  • ‚  When compared to employees without a diagnosed substance abuse problem, alcohol abusers

    are 2 times as likely, drug abusers are 3 times as likely, & alcohol-and-drug abusers are 4 times as likely to be hospitalized for an injury.10

    Alcohol and other drug use by employees will cost your business time, productivity, higher workers compensation and medical premiums and decrease your profits.

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Information provided as a benefit of the Arizona H.I.D.T.A., Demand-Reduction Program Drug-Free Workplaces, Schools & Communities 


Drug User In The Workplace Fact Sheets - English